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Reframe Your Thinking

Life, Wellness, and Nutrition Coaching

Why Echeveria

Why Echeveria?

When I think of succulents, I think of hardiness.  You can give a succulent long days in the sun, very little water, wide variations between day and night temperatures, and not only will they survive, they will thrive.


You can take a cutting of the plant and put it in soil, or even in a damp paper towel, and it will root.  In a season or two, you will have another plant, full, robust, and beautiful, from one small leaf.


Succulents have a good philosophy towards life: they will thrive, and look good doing it, no matter what you throw at them.


So how does this relate to you?  With a skilled coach, anyone can be guided in reframing their thinking.  Learning to choose to see how you can thrive in an environment – or when it is time to snip off a leaf and plant yourself elsewhere – is an acquired skill.


At first, reframing your thinking will require effort, but a good coach can give you coping skills and tasks that help you stay on track.  Over time, these new habits will require little effort and you will find success and fulfillment come easily. 

Closeup of Succulent Plants
About Bethany

About Bethany

I just passed my 20 year anniversary in the coaching field in February 2023.  I have helped people from all walks of life to think outside their experience and get to the core of their blockages and self-imposed limitations.  We do not always have control over what happens to us, but we do have control over how we react and what we choose to do with the knowledge gained.  This is the heart of my approach; to break away the extraneous details and get to the core of an issue in order to develop a plan of action. 


Originally, coaching was supposed to be a short-term job to get me through the many years of schooling it would take to become an art conservator.  It was more educational and fulfilling than waiting tables and allowed for more flexibility.  I did go on to study art, philosophy, theory, and chemistry, obtaining master’s degrees in both art history and art conservation.  The study of art conservation is, first and foremost, the study of chemistry.  For the first 6 year of study, before narrowing my specialization, I was in with mostly students going into medical or pharmaceutical degrees. 


My studies left me with a love of all things chemistry, which naturally evolved into the more human adjacent areas of cooking, nutrition, and cosmetic chemistry. Incorporating this expertise into my coaching sessions allowed me to help clients see how one aspect of their lives could be interrelated with many others.  Studying art history, theory and material culture fed a passion for the human mind, how our experiences shape us and, most importantly, how we can actively choose to shape ourselves.


I came alive being able to help a client holistically.  To understand how their lifestyle choices either supported or hindered their other goals.  Even when I graduated and landed a coveted job at one of only seven regional conservation centers in the United States, working for prestigious institutions and private collectors with collections to die for, I never left coaching. 

I continued immersing myself in continuing education focused on the human mind, thoughts, and how we can tailor our environment and choices in order to shape our ideal vision of ourselves.  Enter the pandemic.  I suddenly found myself without a day job and -a lot- of free time on my hands for three months.  For the first time, coaching was my only job, and I found myself not mourning the loss of something I had worked so hard for, but seeing how coaching fulfilled everything I always wanted in a career.  When the studio reopened, I finished out my projects, and started coaching and travelling full time.  Echeveria Coaching was born.



I have no set model for coaching that I apply to every client.  Each client is an individual with individual needs.  If you are interested in my services, the first step is to set up a call and discuss your individual goals and needs, and develop a personalized plan of action based on those goals.  Please use the contact form below to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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